Aventurine Meaning

Aventurine Meaning

Aventurine Meaning

Astrological Sign of Aries

AVENTURINE is an excellent protector of the heart chakra, providing for a shield to block the entry of those who wish to “tap-in” and take the energy of another.

Aventurine is used in medicine wheel rituals to show to the spirit guides connection with the healing light of heart. It is held at the heart of each participant around the medicine wheel; during contact with the spirit guides, the participants felt a “wash of love” fall over and around them.

Aventurine balances the male/female energies, enhancing creativity, motivation in activities, and the “pioneering” spirit.

The most common color of aventurine is green; it is used primarily at the heart chakra to both activate and clear.

Vibrates to the number 3

Chakra Activated (4th)

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