Azurite Meaning

Azurite Meaning

Azurite Meaning

Astrological Sign of Sagittarius

AZURITE Stimulates psychic powers and inspirations, and improves visualization in meditation, dissolving darkness while strengthening the etheric body. It is known as a “stone of heaven”.

It stimulates the pursuit of the heavenly self, providing guidance via the third-eye The Mayans used the stone to stimulate and inspire the psychic and mystical self, and the transfer of information, wisdom and thought. .

It awakens the development of the psychic self and provides for insight into all areas of ones life.

Azurite has been used as a sacred stone in the Native American Indian history. It had been used to contact ones spiritual Indian guide and understand the message.

In many ancient civilizations, it was a symbol of status. It enhances creative ability and helps to eliminate indecision and worries which are quietly agitating in the “back of ones mind”. One simply holds the azurite and asks to have the troublesome thoughts evaporate.

Azurite is excellent for stimulation of the third eye, intuitive and psychic selves. It can also be used to enable the focusing of the intuitive self.

It can work very well with the sacral chakra and the heart chakra, allowing for the manifestation of the “bestower of good” within us.

It aligns the chakras and provides for an unimpaired flow of energy. It works quite well in removing blockages of energy.

Vibrates to the number 1

Chakra Activated (6th)

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