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Our Crystal Journey

I invite you to join on my crystal journey and play along.  It has just begun, and this is an adventure novel where you step into; give it a try, and share the same transformational  moments as we all learn them.  I have a shaman from New Zealand staying in my home, and she is teaching me about the crystal kingdom. It’s only been a couple of months and my world has changed countless times. You will see, this is not the planet you thought you were on.

Our crystal journey is discovering and experiencing amazing and powerful things. Anyone can experience them. Just follow along and give it a fair go. You will be shocked and amazed and excited.  We are using powerful, tools: Repeatable, Applicable, and Demonstrable, (RAD) tools and we have work to do. Our consciousness is rising, and you are here for a reason.
Everyone I have shared this with has been able to succeed at this first crystal quest. … To find a portal on their own crystal!  It’s you’re turn, let’s go! We have a planet full of crystals to play with.

Our Crystal Journey – Day 1 – The Beginning – September 29, 2017


Amethyst MeaningOur journey is in thanks to Joy White Peacock Woman and her teachings
She has so much more to offer -click here – ExperienceJoy.com

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