Day 1 The Beginning

Our Crystal Journey with Joy

The Beginning Day 1    September 29, 2017

Joy says,
“Feel which of your crystals wants to be worked with, find its access point, or portal, hold it in your left hand, and put that on your third eye.”

What happened next changed my reality.

So I saunter off the couch in the back yard, and pick up one of my favorites, a natural tabby quartz that I had yet to finish polishing the bottom of, sit back down on the opposite side of the couch and start to fiddle with it.

My Tabby with diamond facet

Mind you I  do know a bit about crystals. I have had a successful crystal site online since 1997, and have the best crystal reference online.  My Aunt is friends with Melody so I have Melody’s permission;  and her reference rocks em all!  hehe
Yet my experience in feeling them is limited to clear change in sensations but vague description, and wondering how much was mentally created. I love wearing them, making jewelry and I definitely feel them when I take them off.  I have seen and repeated healing techniques with them, but in a very vague understanding of “how”.    … and so I sat pondering.

“How do I find it’s portal?” I ask. “Don’t ask me” she says in her commanding yet airy way,  working in her Mac Air book, “Ask the crystal”.

This nice tabby has a facet on it that is diamond shaped, I was already thinking that would match up nice to those with a red diamond on their foreheads, so as I casually look back the crystal and get a “Duh!” response in my mind.

So placed the crystal on my third eye and now everything; … reality, has shifted again.

I am used to meditating and using that point; my third eye, concentrating on it while in meditation or even about my day.  You can experience this technique described here … free …by audio Often when doing this there is a bit of a flash or pulsing light that occurs. This is normal enough, but when I placed the crystal; its diamond face upon my third eye; the flashing, which wasn’t present at the time started immediately, powerful, like a strobe being flashed into my head, with a fairly rapid frequency,   I tilted the crystal away,  .. it stopped. I tilted it back and it started again. I tried this like twenty times. It is a like a switch, amazed and confused. I tried the other facets,  gently turning the crystal from facet to facet till WHAMMO it started pulsing again.

After several times turning the crystal around and then a few more for good  measure I proved to myself that every time that facet hit my third eye it pulsed in a clearly different way, a way that felt noticeably stronger, and was demonstrable, in a simple test, 20 for 20.

I was ecstatic, elated,  fascinated,  holding this admittedly pretty point, and was dumbfounded that it reacted as perfect as any switch.  I had found its portal,  and could feel  an intense blast of energy with my third eye every time.

It was joyful. I placed it there and let the intense flash continue, and continue, occasionally moving it again to test it’s switch y-ness.

Even after a short time when I pulled the crystal away, and not even concentrating on that area that part of my head felt as tho I was concentrating deeply on that spot, the sensation continued.

After a while it was quite intense even when I took the crystal away . My head was zinging.

“Give your third eye a rest”, she said with a smile, “and try some of your other chakras, you’ve downloaded a lot just now. Stop when the crystal tells you.” I was looking at her quizzingly. In her ‘professor Mcgonagall way she says “It has way more that you can take, if you keep going you can get a serious headache.” It was not condescending in any way, just a fount of knowledge pointing out facts while busy about her own business.

At first I pondered, almost giggling at the reality of someone actually saying “Give your third eye a rest.” … Now how often do you hear a phrase like that, … really?


As my head was throbbing; in a pleasant way, but it definitely was throbbing so I acquiesced and sat thinking on  my other chakras and how I am supposed to “put the facet,  or portal” onto my “chakra”.  I know my third eye and that is a more pinpoint location.  Yet with my other chakras I only had a vague idea of these “areas” in my body, loosely imagined as orbs of energy with a specific color attached. The third eye exercise mentioned earlier located here does open your chakras and you definitely feel an energy up and down your spine.  The energy flow through the chakras was what I usually felt, up and down my spine. I was not used to sensing them and location directly, except in a vague way.  sometimes sorta sensing the area and energy,  but always a bit nebulous and not always repeatable or distinct.

No more.

I mentioned this to Joy,  that I have some trouble visualizing this and my understanding and experience are a bit vague here. I wanted a mental picture, so Joy googled “Chakras” and showed me these two images.


I had never seen either of these,  all images I have seen are figures sitting or standing involved a frontal view,  This new profile image gave me a better understanding of how I might place the facet of a crystal upon such a location or certainly find the correct area given the funnel shape to help one direct that energy.

“That smaller or child chakra pictured is what happens to us under emotional stress, like when you run up to your daddy’s arms open with the love and joy of a child and are shunted aside roughly, it closes, or stays more closed and it will look more like a child’s, or get twisted and mangled.”

So I placed the crystal on or perhaps about my throat chakra. I immediately felt a very describable sensation about my throat and noticed it grow in intensity, even to notice the sensation remain a bit when I removed the crystal. Again I repeated placing the crystal in front of my chakra then away, and twenty out of twenty times I felt the distinct change.

After a spell I moved it to my heart chakra, still with the crystal in left hand. Immediately I felt a tight sensation about my chest, like when you cry.  I felt an emotional cramp, and was heading towards tearing up a bit so I moved the crystal away and it stopped, subsided like when you are past whatever emotional grip has on you. I placed it back and again it builds.  Like a switch this crystal is,  and now it is switching on and off my emotional overload!

I usually, like most men, try not to be one who cry’s,  my meditations and such have made me much more empathic and I cry a bit more that I would have liked in the past. But I have some threshold.  Yet here was this crystal I’ve had about me for some years,  giving me a gut wrenching  pull and clinch in my chest towards tears, like something that has built up being yanked out of me, acting like an emotional breakdown switch.

On, … Off, … On. …. Off, Again I was testing the crystal as a switch. and after a bit just left it on,  let the emotion be, whatever was needed, and sure enough I was shortly shedding tears and gripped in a what felt like “a deep emotional cry” an emotional release.  Not sure what was being released but it had a heavy grip on my chest and came it in gentle wracking sobs. I let it flow and it passed, soon enough, though leaving a clear “sensation” in that region.

Moving down my body I could clearly notice  when the crystal; and only the one facet on the crystal, was pointed at my chakras.

Joy’s form of teaching is self discovery and mastery and so I was asked with a piercing look, “what did you notice, what did you feel?”

I explained my experience thus far, about the flashing, the feeling, that it was a freaking switch! Reliable as any button.

I got a “well done mate” or some New Zealand equivalent.

“Now try it in your right hand, and notice any difference.” Joy says.

Still reeling from what had happened already, and marveling at this amazing switch in my hand; with open curiosity I transferred the crystal to my right hand.

I understand that right is sending and left as receiving.

When I placed it on my third eye the flash returned yet with a slightly different frequency and intensity. I switched back and forth left to right and consistently that one facet acted as switch and the difference between the left hand and right hand was subtle, yet repeatable. I had no idea that crystal work was something that could be clearly demonstrable.

Looking in wonder at this crystal, I once again boggled on what little we really know about so many things. About even what we are, … this was joyful discovery.

Day two was even more amazing. …

Joy White Peacock ; Facebook = Joy Phoenix