Chakra Stones Healing

A shamans View of Crystals for the Seven Chakras

Chakra Stones Healing


Chakra Mineral Totems
1St – Root Rutile Quartz – to pull energy up, unblock anger

Ruby, Red Amber, Rose- quartz, Rhodochrosite – to energize self and lift spirits

2nd – Sacral Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger-Eye – for confidence and expression

Unakite, Dolomite, Calcite – for soothing

Amber – to revitalize

3rd – Solar Plexus Jade – to soothe

Amethyst – for overloads

Golden: Citrine, Amber, Topaz – for healing

4th – Heart Emerald, Malachite, Green Fluorite, Bloodstone, Dioptase, Green Jade, Green Tourmaline, Copper – for warmth

5th – Throat Golden and Orange Amber – for healing warmth

Blue Topaz, Celestite, Aquamarine – to soothe

6th – Brow Jaspers and Agates – to Earth energy

Coral – for energy flow

Celestite, Lapis, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Sapphires, Azurite – for strength

7th – Crown Quartz, Garnet, Alexandrite, Celestite, Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Royal Azule (Sugilite) – for accessing DNA codes and for proper energy flow

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