Pyramid Energy


For many many thousands of years, pyramids have fascinated the scholar, the archaeologist and lay-person alike.

An aura of mystique has always existed……..

The ancient Egyptians were not the only people to build pyramids. In South and Central America, for example, a significant number of large pyramids have been discovered.

One popular school of thought suggests that some of the Atlantean priests who escaped from Atlantis when that great continent was destroyed eventually found themselves in South America and re-created the pyramidical technology which they had known when living in Atlantis!

It is believed by many mystics that in the ancient continent of Atlantis were several very large crystal pyramids. These pyramids were used as Temples by the Priesthood for Sacred rituals.

Outwardly, the walls of these crystal pyramids appeared solid but if the priest wished to gain entry inside the pyramid he would have to place his hand upon a certain part of the wall and a doorway would open up in front of him.

The pyramid ‘doorway’ would be ‘protected’ by unique vibrational energies and if the priest’s ‘vibrations’ were not recognized by the ‘doorway’ then he would not be able to gain admittance.

When the time came for Atlantis to be destroyed, those priests who were allowed to leave were tele-transported to the four corners of the world (including Egypt, South and Central America) and took their knowledge – including the technology involving pyramidology – with them to their new civilisation s.

Most of the pyramids which have so far been discovered are located in Egypt.

According to the historians and archaeologists, the Pyramid Age of Egypt began with the Third Dynasty (2686 BC) and ended with the Sixth Dynasty (2181 BC). During this Pyramid Age, so we are told, around eighty pyramids were constructed. Many of these pyramids are no longer immediately recognise d as such as they have been reduced to nothing more than sand and rubble, but the Egyptian archaeologists, through years of painstaking research and work, have managed to identify where most of these pyramids would once have stood.

During the past few years, however, considerable controversy has arisen over the interesting question of precisely why the pyramids were built in the first place.

Egyptologist themselves claim that the pyramids were erected simply as a tomb; whilst other archaeologists, excavating pyramids in South America, have advanced the theory that they were really used as Temples.

Recently, some pyramidologists have stated that they believe the pyramids are possibly resonators,or storehouses, of energy. Certainly, this is an explanation that is attracting more and more credibility!

The theory propounded by these pyramidologists is that the frequencies radiated by the earth itself (including the magnetic force lines) and cosmic radiation blend within the pyramidical structure and produces a beat frequency (in the same way in which two piano keys, when struck simultaneously, produces a third, or beat, frequency). This beat frequency, some pyramidologists have suggested, could create an energy radiation.

Max Toth and Greg Nielsen in their thought-provoking book entitled ‘Pyramid Power’ say:-

“There is no doubt that every civilisation which built pyramids did so with the use of highly advanced mathematical and astronomical calculations and a seemingly impossible mastery of the skill of stone masonry. In civilizations separated not only by thousands of miles but also by thousands of years, stones weighing many tons ere hoisted into position with infinite precision for the purpose of erecting pyramidical structures”.

Because of the virtual identical use of skill and science in the erection of the Egyptian pyramids, it is impossible not to conjecture that perhaps these skills and sciences were taught to the pyramid builders by persons from outside these civilizations!

If so, from where did these outsiders come? How did they get here? Did they teach astronomy and mathematics for the sole purpose of having the pyramids constructed? Or was there some other motive behind the endowment of this knowledge upon the people of these ancient civilizations?

And despite our twentieth century advancement in building technology and techniques any of the world’s largest building construction companies would find tremendous difficulty in constructing a pyramid today that would equal – let alone surpass – the pyramids that were erected so many thousands of years ago!

The largest pyramid of all – and one that is still standing today and which has withstood all that time and the weather can throw at it – is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Great Pyramid is also known as the Pyramid of Cheops, Cheops being a Pharaoh who reigned in the Fourth Dynasty (around 2450 BC). The pyramid itself is 481 feet high and 756 feet square at its base; it is, in fact, a mathematical phenomenon!!

The Great Pyramid was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The seventh, so we learn from our history books.

It was constructed out of some 2,500,000 limestone blocks, each weighing between 2 tons and 70 tons. These blocks, which take two tons of pressure on a diamond bit to merely drill a hole into, are cut with a tolerance of one-thousandth of an inch, and fitted like a jigsaw puzzle.

It is built on the exact mathematical ratio of Pi 3.14159, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

It has been calculated by mathematicians that if, during its construction, ten of these stones were piled on each other every day with precision, some 500 tons a day upon average, the pyramid would have taken a mere 250,000 days, or 664 years, to have been built!

And, we have also to take into account that, officially anyway, the true value of Pi was not discovered until 600 years ago!

The Great Pyramid’s four triangular faces incline at an angle of approximately 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 51 seconds to the ground. The entire Great Pyramid was originally oriented in line with true north.

Max Toth and Greg Nielsen in their book ‘Pyramid Power’ have this to say:-

“So great was the engineering agility and skill required to manoeuvre the huge granite blocks into place that how it was accomplished still remains a mystery.

Even more mysterious, however, is where these blocks were stored prior to the burial of the Pharaoh; or, if the blocks were placed before the internment took place, how the body was entombed with the plugs blocking the entranceway to the burial chamber. Many theories have been offered to explain these mysteries, all too implausible to be given consideration. To this day, the granite plugs remain in place, a mute testimonial to the genius of the Pharaoh’s architect.”

The Greek historian, Herodotus, who paid a visit to Egypt in the fifth century BC, nearly two thousand years after the Great Pyramid was ‘alleged’ to have been built, wrote that the Great Pyramid was constructed over a time-span of twenty years by 400,000 laborers who would have been divided into four groups of 100,000 men and each group would have only worked on its construction for a period of three months in any one year.

However, Herodotus is not able to explain the logistical problems of how the Egyptian officials were able to provide food, shelter, and sanitation facilities for all these 100,000 laborers. And there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that they did so! Arguments and controversy have always surrounded the Great Pyramid of Giza – and probably always will!

For although most Egyptologist, scientists and scholars do agree amongst themselves that the Great Pyramid was built by the Pharaoh Cheops somewhere between 2686 and 2181 BC (with the year 2450 BC being the favour ite with many) there is no definitive evidence that the Great Pyramid was actually built then; in fact most psychics, sensitives and seers, believe that the Great Pyramid was built many thousands of years before 2450 BC – and was used for purposes other than as a tomb.

Edgar Cayce, the great American seer who between the years 1920 and 1944 gave many thousands of ‘life-readings’, said in one of his readings that the Great Pyramid was actually built more than 10,000 years ago by priests and priestesses from Atlantis. Edgar Cayce himself believed that he was a priest in Atlantis named ‘Ra-Ta’ and that when Atlantis was finally destroyed he was tele-transported to Egypt in order to help found a new civilisation – the pre-Dynasty era of Egyptian history.

My own experiences in regressing people back to ancient civilizations – including Atlantis,Lemuria and Egypt – has led me to the realization that there were number of ‘Crystal’ Pyramids built in Atlantis and that the technology for the creation of the Great Pyramid at Giza – and all subsequent Egyptian and South American pyramids – was introduced into our present world by priests and priestesses from Atlantis who were able to ‘escape’ at the time of the final holocaust and destruction.

If we accept this ‘evidence’ – or theory – then obviously the Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed many thousands of years prior to the reign of Pharaoh Cheops!

Edgar Cayce himself says that the Great Pyramid at Giza was not constructed solely as a means of housing the tomb of Cheops but as a place where records may be stored; a virtual history of mankind. It is said that many of these records were written down in a mixture of hieroglyphics and Atlantean script.

An archaic legend suggests that there are still some subterranean chambers remaining to be discovered under the Great Pyramid and that these chambers contain valuable artefacts and writings relating to a period of our history, long gone; and that when they are discovered – as,one day, they must be – this will provided incontrovertible proof that the Great Pyramid was created many thousands of years before the reign of Cheops.

Other pyramids too – like the one ‘ said’ to contain the mummified body of the Pharaoh Akhenaton – are also supposed to contain esoteric writings and records. It is also written that not until the right people are present, and at the ‘right’ time, will those records be discovered.

Manly P. Hall in his thought-provoking book, ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’ alleges that the Pyramid was constructed by people arriving from Atlantis after it had been destroyed. Manly Hall theorizes that these Atlantean established centre of education and learning built in the form of Pyramidical Temples. And, in these Temples, they hid their esoteric secrets ‘written’ in symbolic language and are only meant to be discovered and understood by those who are worthy of acquiring and using this sacred knowledge.

According to Hall, there is a great mystical knowledge hidden within the inner depths of the Great Pyramid. The square base means that the Pyramid is solidly founded on nature and its immutable laws; the angles represent Silence, Profundity, Intelligence and truth. The south side of the pyramid signifies Cold, the north side represents Heat, the west side symbolizes Darkness and the east side, Light. The triangular sides typify the three-fold spiritual power.

Hall goes on to say that he is certain that there is a very secret room or chamber within the Great Pyramid that will one day be re-discovered!

Many people have talked and speculated about Atlantis – and its effect upon the future of mankind. Many writers and seers, including Edgar Cayce, have told of the vast corruption in Atlantis – the endless quest for untold power sought by certain priests – that eventually led to the final holocaust and destruction of Atlantis.

Atlantis really did exist. As a place. As a continent. In Plato’s book, ‘Critias’, he actually described Atlantis, which apparently was once known as Poseidonis. In his book, Plato observes that the high point of the Atlantean civilisation occurred when Gods walked with men!

Many mystical and esoteric teachings continually refer to the idea that Atlantean knowledge and records are hidden within secret chambers still to be discovered in the Pyramids and that one day these chambers will be opened by people who are deemed worthy of being entrusted with all this sacred and spiritual knowledge.

It may well come to pass that when the time is ‘right’ the very same people who had access to this sacred and spiritual knowledge and who have now reincarnated in new bodies in this incarnation will once again return to the Pyramids and enter these ‘secret’ chambers.

It is well worth recounting the strange experiences of Dr.Paul Brunton which he describes in his book, ‘A Search in Secret Egypt’, when he spent one night inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.After going through the Egyptian bureaucratic hierarchy, Dr.Brunton succeeded in obtaining permission to spend a night alone inside the Great Pyramid.

Dr.Brunton says that on entering the King’s Chamber he found a marble slab next to the large coffer, which, incidentally, is exactly aligned on the north-south axis.

Dr.Brunton had had some training in the Egyptian religion and was also quite knowledgeable about some of the more recent discoveries in parapsychology. He had therefore prepared himself by fasting for three full days before his night in the Pyramid. This, he goes on to explain, put him in a receptive frame of mind to experience whatever phenomenon existed in the Pyramid.

Sitting with his back to the great coffer, Dr.Brunton decided to turn off his flashlight. The atmosphere inside the chamber, he says, was distinctly ‘psychic’. There was something in the air. An unknown negative presence could be felt……….

Dr.Brunton experienced a very strong urge to leave the chamber and retreat. Instead, he forced himself to stand firm, even though grotesque and deformed entities flitted in and out of the chamber, goading Brunton’s sensibility and sanity. It took every single ounce of boldness and courage that he possessed to fight off ever mounting fear. The combination of darkness and the negative presences convinced him that he would never spend another night alone in the Great Pyramid!

Then, as suddenly as the negative atmosphere had come, it dissipated. He felt, at first, a friendly air come alive in the chamber. Next, he could see two figures, who both looked like high priests, in front of him.

Suddenly, inside his head, he heard the words of one of the priests. The priest was asking Brunton why he had come and if the world of mortals wasn’t enough for him.

Brunton answered, “No,that cannot be”.

The priest replied, “The way of dream will draw thee far far from the fold of reason. Some have gone upon it – and come back made. Turn now, whilst there is yet time and follow the path appointed for mortal feet”.

Brunton insisted, however, that he must stay. The priest who had spoken to him then turned and disappeared. The other priest requested that Brunton lie upon the coffer. Suddenly a force came over him. In a few seconds he was hovering outside his body. He was in another dimension of less stress and strain. He could see a silver lustre connecting his new body with the one lying on the coffer. He became aware of a feeling of freedom.

Later, he found himself with the second priest who told Brunton that he must return with a message: “Know, my son, that in this ancient Temple lies the lost record of the early races of man and of the Covenant which they made with the Creator through the first of His great prophets. Know, too, that chosen men were brought here of old to be shown this Covenant that they might return to their fellows and keep the secret alive. Take back with thee the warning that when men forsake their Creator and look on their fellows with hate, as with the princes of Atlantis, in whose time this pyramid was built, they are destroyed by the weight of their own iniquity, even as the people of Atlantis were destroyed”.

As the priest finished speaking, Brunton suddenly found himself back in his own body. He felt it to be cumbersome compared to the one he had recently inhabited. He got up, put on his jacket and checked his watch. It was exactly midnight, the hour that is customarily associated with psychic happenings!

Patrick Flanagan, well known in America for his scientific and inventive genius, claims to have found the ancient secret of prolonging life.

“Death comes about as a result of decay,” he says, “History is full of phenomena which may have been caused by “bio cosmic” energy. Examples are the Egyptian Mummies, the Biblical Ark of the Covenant and the story of Methuselah, who lived for 969 years.

bio cosmic energy is the very essence of life force itself, this energy has been known to exist but, until now, no one has been able to isolate it.The Great Pyramid of Giza, the sacred seventh wonder of the world, is at last revealed to the world for its true purpose, a very powerful source of bio cosmic energy.

The word pyramid itself reveals its most hidden secret. Pyramid means quite literally, ‘FIRE IN THE MIDDLE'”.

Patrick Flanagan goes on to say that this ‘Fire in the Middle’ is the long sought after bio cosmic energy. Flanagan has also discovered that not only has the Pyramid an accumulation of energy inside but also it radiates energy off the points and top. The pyramid actually works better when the top is slightly flattened, as is the case with the Great Pyramid of Giza.

It has always been believed that the flat tops of the pyramids once contained a twenty-four carat gold quartz capstone. This would also have added considerably to the Pyramid’s storehouse of power and energy. Sadly, through the eons of time, all these powerful capstones have been vandalized and removed.

A few years ago, a Frenchman by the name of Monsieur Bovis, paid a visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza. There were some rubbish containers in the King’s Chamber in which Bovis could see various dead cats and other small animals which had apparently wandered into the Pyramid and had died there of starvation.

There was something very strange about these corpses. There was no smell or decay at all! Finding his curiosity aroused, Bovis examined the animals very carefully and discovered that they were dehydrated and mummified, despite the humidity in the King’s Chamber.

Bovis pondered upon this apparent conundrum and wondered whether the pyramidical shape itself could have been responsible for this natural process of embalming. So he made a wooden scale model of the Great Pyramid of Cheops with a base three feet long, and oriented it to true north (like the Great Pyramid).

Inside his model, one third of the way up, he placed a dead cat which had only recently died. After a few days,it became mummified. Bovis then experimented by placing other organic materials in the model, particularly matter that usually decayed very quickly, such as calf’s brains, and when these failed to putrefy, he reached the obvious conclusion that there must be something about the shape of the Pyramid which prevents decay and causes dehydration.

A Czechoslovakian radio engineer by the name of Karel Drbal obtained, quite by chance, a copy of Bovis’s reports and decided to make some further experiments himself with models of pyramids. His conclusions were, “there is a definite relationship between the shape of the space inside the Pyramid, and the physical, chemical and biological processes going on inside that space”.

Drbal also considered that the pyramidical shape might also be responsible for an accumulation of electromagnetic waves or cosmic rays, or of some unknown energy. Placing a used razor blade within a six inch high model of Cheops’ Pyramid, oriented true north, Drbal found that the edges of the blade automatically recovered their sharpness after use; that he could shave with one Gillette Blue Blade as many as 200 times!

He believed that the environment inside the Pyramid somehow made the crystals in the blade return to their original form. Drbal was issued with Czech patent number 91304, after a very long fight, for the Cheops’ Pyramid Razor Blade Sharpeners.

An Italian milk company has started putting their milk into pyramid shaped cartons. They have discovered that milk keeps indefinitely without refrigeration. A French company have even patented a pyramidical container for selling yoghurt!

In March, 1963, biologists of the University of Oklahoma confirmed that the skin cells of the Egyptian princess Mene were actually capable of living. Princess Mene has been ‘dead’ for several thousand years!


Pyramids are now used by many people for a wide variety of purposes. Anyone who is interested in experiencing pyramid energy and power – and experimenting with it – may like to consider the following information.

* Align your pyramid on a north/south axis

* It is best to place your pyramid in a room away from radios, televisions and other electrical appliances.

* Students might find that their mental ability is vastly improved by doing their research or …k inside a pyramid.

* Some researchers believe that if hospitals were built in the shape of pyramids, patients would recover quicker.

* Pyramid containers have been suggested for the storage of drugs. Such storage could add months – or even years – to the shelf-life of medicines.

* Some people claim that pyramids not only give them a spiritual lift but also improves their sexual desires.

* Pyramids aid concentration

* Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the human body.

* Pyramids heighten one’s charge of psychic energy.

* Meditation is enhanced within pyramids

Pyramid energy will:-

* Sharpen razor blades

* Restore the lustre to tarnished jewellery and coins

* Purify water

* Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs

* Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration

* Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour

* Increase the growth rate of plants

* Help attain increased relaxation

* Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices

* Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches.