Proving Your Crystal Connection

Our Crystal Journey

November  25, 2017

My world changes again … You ARE connected to your crystals, simple experiment with  applied quantum mechanics, using intention and entanglement to feel your crystals portals … you can do this!

The implications of this are quite interesting.  Using this technique I can place this crystal sphere’s portal on all my chakras at the same time.  … or the Moon!
(See chakras diagram from Our Crystal Journey Day 1 Post)



First Crystal Sphere Meditation – Crystal Guardians

Our Crystal Journey – Time to wake the guardians Mushu!

November  24, 2017

My first meditation with this changed crystal sphere on Thanksgiving was a huge download of information. It appears I have much work to do.

What I am learning and experiencing with these crystals is amazing.  They are excellent examples of quantum mechanical tools, they specialize in receiving, storing, and transmitting specific frequencies / energies and they are entangled with each other and with us.

What till you see what experiments we can do next, it will change your world again!



Joy Quest / Vision Quest at the Sekhmet Temple

Our Crystal Journey – Vision Quest

November  20, 2017

My journey to the Sekhmet temple had made for huge changes in understanding myself and my crystals.

Here is a video made of the physical changes and rainbows that now appear in this amazing crystal sphere or rather sacred object.

Click here for the video of this crystal sphere before the changes:
Dated October 1, 2017

It’s not over by a long shot, … this crystal brings downloads of information and what I learn in my meditations with this crystal changes my world every time I sit down with it.   … you will see …  keep following.



A Healing Good Morning

Our Crystal Journey Month 2 – November 9, 2017

I was thinking this morning what I could do for Penelope and her physical issues.
I realized it is mostly her teeth and possible infection.
The next thing I new I was doing a healing with my water crystal.
I was thinking of the crystal when I imagined working on her. She was sound asleep and I was not quite late for work, but in the shower I had made up my mind.

I am actually forbidden at this time from playing with other crystals and to work only with my citrine and my apophylite crystals until further instructed. Buuuuut I grabbed the large amethyst water crystal; it has inclusions that hold many pools of water within the crystal and some bubbles in that water. It is also called a bubble or crystal or en-hydro inclusions. The crystal was outside for full moon and so I went out in the dark morning for the crystal and I brought it in and rinsed it off. and placed it on a pillow next to her head.
She was asleep, and rolled over facing away from me sleeping peacefully unawares, … or so I thought, but what she vaguely imagined I was doing is not for this story.
I decided to set almost astride the crystal so as to let it pass through my root chakra. I then imagined as I would A light penetrating down around and through me and Penelope,
It was one of the more powerful things I have ever felt, as powerful or more than full “bliss” in meditation.
It was all I could do keep my breathing and sobs from waking her.
Focusing on her perfect smile in perfect health.
I was extremely powerful, I feel it now, (lol tears) just writing it down.
I WAS NOT ALONE. MANY MANY SOULS are pushing her on.
I left her in golden shell of love with the crystal.
I was drained and dehydrated by the time I got to work.

my experience



I can feel plants!

Our Crystal Journey

November  7, 2017

Well, once again this is not the world I woke up in. If you have been following along perhaps you too now feel the Earth, and the Water, Today that changed again; I now feel the plants!
Living with a shaman sure has it’s perks.  – Joy White Peacock Woman


Perhaps not as directly crystal related, yet this is my experience and part of this crystal journey.



First Friday Adventure – The Moon is a Portal!

Our Crystal Journey

November 3, 2017

First Friday again, another grand adventure with Joy White Peacock Woman
Our Moon is a portal just like your crystals!
No shit!
Experience this for yourself. … and please comment.

Once again we are off to bless the memorial trees located in the art district.

We had heard some ugly rumors that the trees were not getting water. Joy and I decided we had better check that out, I said “first Friday should be soon, we should go then”, as I am checking my phone and going to the first Friday web site. It was the 3rd, and had snuck up on me, and it was Friday.
“Well, first Friday started about 30 min ago, perhaps we should get ready.” I said. So we causally got ready and had some dinner, and were once again chasing the moon to the downtown art district.
The conversion on the way was regarding me staying connected with the earth. After my amazing process on October 14,  I still have no pain in my feet, I will get a reminder when I am not connected or feeling the earth and I will sometimes feel a hint of the old pain, the location in my toe will sting a moment, and I will reset how I am treading upon this earth and my pain disappears. It could be argued that my change in ergonomics in how I am walking is what took my pain away, and I will heartily agree, in as far as in 25 years of pain it had never occurred to me nor had I been exposed to this knowledge, and when listening to the earth and feeling the earth the pain disappeared in minutes. It is extraordinary to me, 25 years of pain has disappeared.
Anyway, the discussion was how to stay connected. I can feel the earth now, for me it is a sensation in my lower spine or chakras. I can feel it when I am walking in correct alignment. I can feel the waters, whenever I focus,  but I do not all the time. “To find that answer all you have to do is look in your back yard.”

Um k. …  She loves these little riddles.

So our last work in my back yard involved getting all the crystals out into the full moon part of which would happen when we got home. Some were out already, and more still out from the last full moon. I’m thinking, “which crystal could it be?”
We had just parked and Joy was getting out of the car, leaving me to ruminate on that answer a bit. … pun intended. I get the answer tonight, but not that is was my answer,  I figure that out the next day.
We check out the condition of the trees first. We both are pretty sure that overlooking a sprinkler system and watering for a park, … in a desert …, even made on short notice was a monstrous over-site and somewhat unlikely.
From a distance the trees looked quite decimated. But when we got closer we saw irrigation systems and moist soil. The trees did look a bit beat up, and many were losing their leaves, some were almost bare. They looked over worn, and missing leaves, for some, most looked as though managing, and one was looking sick / dying.  … One had to take into account that it was November and these trees were simply losing their leaves for winter.


more to write….