Quartz Crystal Meaning

Quartz And Crystal Meaning

Quartz Crystal Meaning

The quartz mineral has a piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties; the polarity of a quartz crystal will change when it is either squeezed or heated. When held in the hand, the tip, usually positive and receiving energy, will change to negative, thus emitting energy from tip and edge. These properties support the amplification, focusing, storage, transfer, and even the transformation of energy.

The electronic revolution is based on these scientific properties. Exact frequencies of energy are received stored and transmitted in your computer, watch, calculator, and car alarm switches. All created due to this amazing property. Additional information on quartz below

Used to amplify both body energy and thoughts. Clarifies thinking. Quartz is said to ” bring the energy of the stars into the soul”, by harmonizing and aligning the human energies with those of the universe, and to make these energies available to humanity.

The “Stone of Power”. Kirlian photography shows that if one holds a crystal in the receiving hand, the etheric fields of the body are at least doubled.


Intensifies the power of the quartz. Assisting one to get at the root of problems, and the reasons for discomfort. Assists in astral travel, providing insight into the reasons for visiting locations ans scenes, and connection to physical life. Helps resist aging an d cellular breakdown caused by time.


Combines the qualities of tourmaline and quartz. Aids in eliminating “crystalized” patterns which are destructive in their nature.


Kirlian photography shows that the direction which a point is worn makes little difference. There is an overall increase in the energy field regardless.

* Pointing the crystal up channels energy into the upper chakras, causing some people to be so stimulated they felt as if they were leaving their bodies. This position is beneficial for meditation, prayer, study, and taking tests.

* Pointing the crystal down adds a grounding effect assisting one in remaining more “in tune” with the world.

Double Terminated

Energy moves outward in either or both directions, drawing and transmitting at the same time. Excellent for astral projection and dreaming. (place under pillow to intensify dream state) An excellent crystal for meditation as well.

Vibrates to the number 4

Chakra Activated (7th)

Crystals are everywhere, without them, there could be no computers or Internet, radio, TV, telecommunication, or various other modern conveniences. The reason for this is simple, crystals have the capacity to store, receive, and transmit in a consistently exact way. It was discovered long ago that an electrical current was induced by squeezing a thin wafer of crystal. Then in 1940, researchers discovered that foreign atoms added to a crystal could make transmitters, and radio was born, then television, and now computers. In fact, the silicon chips ( quartz) in your computer express their cycle of function: they receive, store, and transmit.

Crystals, especially quartz crystals, express the unity of all four elements.

  • Earth – They come from the earth, grow in the earth, and suggest the mineral evolution of this planet.
  • Fire – When a wafer thin bit of crystal is squeezed, it transmits an electrical (piezoelectric) charge, and releases photons of light.
  • Water – Crystals are related to water both in their molecular structure and in their ice – like appearance.
  • Air – Air lets light pass through, just like a crystal.

When we are working with crystals we are working with a representation of all four elements.

Crystals are what we are, what everything is, but in a pure form. They are a pure concentration of a particular molecule. Created in lattice structure much like 3D chain-link fence. This lattice structure is unique in that the smallest part is the exact dimension for the whole. These molecules hook together in in repeating and exact fashion. Fact is, most solids are crystal in structure, the difference is, in gemstones ( including quartz) the lattice structure is much more strict. For example many of us remember growing crystals from seed crystals in chemistry lab. Concentrated solutions shedding molecules to grow salt for instance.

Aside from hydrogen, every atom, including all of yours, were created exclusively within the explosions of stars. Science and physics tell us that this is the only environment capable of creating and or releasing of complex atoms. So it is of some note to find such rich concentrations of the atoms and molecules that the universe has an affinity to create. Aside from crystals it is just too fascinating, isn’t it.

Crystals have been associated with the powers of storing, receiving, and transmitting other types of energy long before the discovery of electricity. (The energy of life, emotions, and love for example.) The big snag is that the tangibility of proof is subjective to experience. This doesn’t jive well with the present scientific method. How can you prove there are energies when you have no device to measure them physically… yet …Some day perhaps.

Common experience is all that remains, Experience enough to make legends, sciences, and healing tools throughout the millennia, pre-dating and part of most religions. The Breastplates of the high priests for example. This experience has been passed down through countless generations, and in almost every culture. Different cultures claim different specific abilities, but for the most part the general idea is the same. It is my personal experience that you get out of crystals what you put into them, and you put into them what you expect out of it, sort of Freudian circle effect, or like prayer.

More information to add to these perceptions is the fact the fact that different elements vibrate at different frequencies. Assuming the existence of these energies, it is likely that different types of crystals are suited to different variations of emotional and life energies. In fact, I have my own anecdotes on this.

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