Day 15 – Las Vegas Renaissance Fair – Enchanted Forest Tree

Our Crystal Journey Day 15

Amethyst Skulls – Las Vegas Renaissance Fair – Enchanted Forest Tree Blessings

October 13, 2017

My girlfriend Penelope Pendragon is a huge part of the Las Vegas Renaissance festival and she is in charge of the “Enchanted Forest”. Her WISH wagon is the main attraction at the Enchanted forest and she sets up a truly magical space in a lovely grove of trees within Sunset Park. We were there on Thursday setting up and at one point Joy grabs the skulls we used at the memorial park (see day 6) and hands me the amethyst skulls. I immediately acquiesced and we went about blessing the trees. I didn’t get all that much in communication, just me feeling loving energy and picturing it towards the trees.

Enchanted Forest Las Vegas

That was until I reached the tree that was right up against the Wish Wagon.

Now that wagon gets a lot of visitors, and it has Faery habitats, and a wishing portal and it is very magical. People come out of that wagon enchanted, even changed. The energy around it is always amazing.

This was to be the third year her Wagon was to be parked literally against that tree. I got what I can best describe as an overwhelming flush of emotion of the pleasure and joy of being there and anticipation of being in that energy. The whole grove was to share, but this tree was shading the main emotionally charged area.

It was a very strong emotion and It wasn’t mine in origination, I was just having an open mind and felt that communication.


Day 8 – A Day Of Many Blessings

Our Crystal Journey Day 8

A Day of Many Blessings  – October 6, 2017

The harvest moon rose in a most spectacular way as we drove to ‘First Friday’,

peeking above bridges and buildings in a most picturesque way.

Before departing Joy learns about a healing garden being dedicated after the Oct 1st shooting. “We must go and bless the trees, is it on the way, … we must go.”

I look it up and sure enough it was at the destination we were headed, a new small park in the Arts district.

We arrive at the cacophony of First Friday, a monthly arts festival meshed together by artists, and it is; in places, a bit of sensory overload, yet in many other places; nice nooks and many roomed buildings set apart to display this moment in the fabulous art world of Las Vegas.

This night was a special memorial with the dedicating of 58 trees for those who died at the shooting on Monday. It was a somber moment for the City, a city yet suffering, and in that suffering, proud of herself and her people. … example. Las Vegas started a fund for the victims, with a goal of $500,000, on Wednesday it was at 8.5 million…. 🙂

Joy immediately went up to the drum circle and gave all a great example of dancing free of any other thought than the movement; to raise her vibrations. Proceeding to the memorial first, we pass through the jumble to reach the a new park, created in a couple of days right in the Arts district.

As we approached the memorial garden, we could see all those trees each with a white balloon floating above it; a small crowd, with a large human crowd gathered, and walking slowly through a path between them; there was a clench in my chest and a tightness that only rides with emotional pain as it’s breaking the surface into expression. I already felt tears pushed out onto my face.

“It’s a lot to take”, I said.

“You need to cleanse your Aura”, Joy says. We had already talked about me wanting that technique as I saw a testimonial of Kyle Vincent about how that felt after learning it.

She immediately walked me through this short and effective exercise at quick speed, and after we putt that visualization, intent, and emotion into it, and sealed it, she asks.

“How do you feel now?”

“Better” I say, “more relaxed, and that tension and tightness is gone.”

Amazing, like many things I have learned it is sometimes just a simple shift in attention or intention that can make a huge difference. This is a priceless tool. A simple tool, that is; like all or as Joy says “It has to be R.A.D.” Replicable Applicable and Demonstrable to be at the White Peacock Academy

With some directed intention and emotion and you can instantly charge yourself, manifest a better space from which to move forward,

Once again I was reminded of that Harry Potter quote … something like “flashes and bangs are more the sign of incompetence than magic”.

The whole small memorial is packed with people and the path through the trees is a solid wall of slow moving people. The perimeter of the park was clear, so we could easily reach the outer trees around the outside of the park.

Joy was already barefoot and ready to walk in among the trees.

She reaches into a pouch and takes out three crystal skulls; a beautiful clear skull over two inches tall, and two amethyst skulls about an inch in height.

“These skulls were tuned and specially blessed”. She tells me, putting her pouch away.
“Give me your right hand”, she says, and after making sure I know my right from left, ( I did) she placed an amethyst skull in that hand.
“Give me your left hand”, she says, and places the other amethyst skull in my left palm.
“Do NOT mix them up”, she says. “I have let no one else touch these” she says with a piercing look… “and when we’re done I expect you to tell me something about each of them.”

…. “um, ok” I say, a bit deadpan.
“I am going to go ahead of you blessing and cleansing”, looking me in the eye, “will you follow me with the amethyst skulls, focusing healing and unconditional love?”

“Yes”, I reply, still a bit deadpan, … “ask your mum if you need her guidance (she passed away when I was four), and off she trots up to her first tree, completely oblivious to any bystander, with intention and a soothing motion she continues her blessing and then moves onto the next tree.

I’m still a bit perplexed, walking up to this first tree, approaching looking down on the fresh turned ground, and looking up it’s trunk to its branches I see it is quite disheveled, having been just trimmed, transported and planted.

So I’m looking at this tree, thinking, I’m here to bless the trees, I can send them loving healing energy, I know what love feels like, and I have had that feeling flow thru me, I even teach meditations on reaching bliss @ So I have a relatively vague feeling of what I am supposed to be accomplishing. Managing that emotional feeling in and around myself and sending it, imagining it towards the tree.

I do ask my mom for guidance, and a hug, as that is one really quick way for me feel a flow of loving energy. This works, and I feel some love and feel myself sending to the tree.

I move on to the next tree, as this seemed to interrupt my flow, I start over at the next tree, building up that feeling to imagine around me and giving to the tree.

I go to the next tree.

I try to be open to my process, trying to loose preconception to what I should expect or think I know about what I am about, to be open to any possibility.
The more I learn on any subject, the more I realize I knew less than very little, what I usually had were often misconceptions that after further research prove to work against the much more interesting and powerful truth.

I have also learned that trees have vast communication networks, roots, fungi, and even insects help them communicate with each other, even that a plant can recognize its offspring. Joy has explained she has many trees as friends and they are amazing conscious creatures

I am looking at this next tree as disheveled as the rest and I ask the next tree in my mind; as if I would as any person that looked so ruffled and shoved about, What can I do for you, what can I give of myself to help you? The response was immediate, that flow of love, like with the previous trees, yet stronger. It was as if “love” was the instantly quick answer even as I asked the question; and flow just as quick, the beginning flow instantly jerked out of me. I was seeing the trees as suffering, isolated, unable to communicate effectively, and overwhelmed with all this emotional bombardment. Thousands of people morning and and in pain, only six days since the tragedy, slowly shuffling along a path through them, Including a “remembrance wall” with details about those killed. It brings a tightness to my chest now just writing about it later, it was palpable when we arrived that night.

As I am going off to the next tree I see Joy much further along, I keep my slow pace and each time going up to a tree and building up to that feeling, where I feel love and let it surround the area. After about about 20 trees, or possibly less, I go up to the next tree and … nothing. All I can see is some leaves in front of me and feeling nothing. Magically Joy comes up to me and asks a common question for her, “What are you noticing?”

I wasn’t sure if was disappointed in myself or not yet, as I seem to have lost all communication, and now feel like just another muggle staring at a tree.
“I got nothing”, I say, “It’s like I don’t feel anything now, like I’m switched off.”

Surprisingly she says “good on ya for paying attention to what your body can do”, or something to that effect, “and you can tell it’s done for now, you need water, and to step away for a bit, you’ve done a lot, we will revisit this.”

So we meander back over to the First Friday area into a cacophony of music and art. We refresh on water and art and a walk. She has some very powerful meetings with a few people on the way; a normal state of affairs when hanging out with Joy. For example; at one encounter she just looked into the eyes of this stranger and they locked and stayed locked and I watched this woman’s face transform into joyous being and smiling amazement. I was just standing close by and my eyes were streaming as I was flooded with the emotion of what was happening next to me.

We end up at a bar / gallery to use the facilities, and run into Kyle Valentine, who was doing massages at a booth earlier at First Friday. He is a massage / Reiki / Healer who was being trained in more healing techniques by Joy. We told him we were here to bless the trees and that we had been at it for some time and taking a rest before finishing. He asked, “What time did you start doing that?” “Around eight o’clock” I said, after some thought.

Kyle said, “I’m not surprised, that’s when the energy shifted here. … I’ve been here since three and no one wanted a massage, and the mood has been off, at eight o’clock people just seemed to relax and we have been busy nonstop since then.”

Joy smiled and said “Thank you for that lovely bit of validation.”

I didn’t know it. But the night was far from over.

Refreshed; we find our way back to the trees.

Crystal skulls in hand, I move off to take over where I left off and find I can feel that flow of love again, it is the feeling you get when you send love out and it comes back at you. I simply imagined it surrounding the area around me: the tree in front of me.

The poor things really did look disheveled. The shooting had happened Sunday, and the park was opened that Friday, a volunteer project and quickly managed, so understandably trees shipped and planted that morning would look a bit ruffled.

I was moving along tree to tree, and having a conversation in my head, sort of in question with the trees, and would even ask questions. …

What is unique here is that I find often I can get answers, even substantial answers by setting out the question in a mind with an open slate. … What I mean by open slate is that I find when I dig deeper into a subject; what little knowledge aka preconceptions that I have need to be wiped away for truth and understanding to occur. I have learned to clear the slate and let new information enter.

How you can use this:

When you ask a question to the universe / earth / water / fire / air / crystals / plants etc. have an open slate and pay attention to the next thoughts or words on that slate. If the answer you receive is eloquent and complete enough that had it been there before you asked the question; …that you would not have asked it, you can be sure the information is form the source.

So I am having a conversation in my mind, and some response I think is emotion as well. I am saying things in my head, not questions, so I am not expecting an answer. Things like “Thanks for being here for us to share our emotions.” I am feeling love back, as I am saying things like that. … and at one point I say in my mind, “You’re here to clear and cleanse”, and before my mind could add the next word I was thinking I hear, loud as hell in my head, a male voice, “DUDE, I’M A FUCKING TREE!!!” in the most obnoxiously sarcastic tone imaginable, and the feeling was “what the fuck do you think I actually exist for?!!”

I started laughing hysterically; probably making a scene, I really didn’t care, it lasted some time as the revelations of what just happened kept hitting me. I was in the process of finishing another thought, and that voice intruded, and I would not have made the previous statement had that been in my head already. And the fact that It actually had a voice. The fact that it was not just an emotion, but English words, and on top of that I was actually “F” bombed by a tree!! … A very sarcastic tree! …um, I don’t care who are, that’s funny right there.

I find the end of the trees and imagine the whole park with love and cleansing and it feels like it is around the park.

I find my way to the mother tree, a much larger tree placed in a heart shaped planter in front of a large curved “remembrance” wall that separates some of the “fifty eight tree” path.

I do the same as I had been, sending and feeling love towards / from the trees and feel an exceptionally large blissful energy tearing my face and filling the park in my imagination with love, feeling bliss.

When I regain focus I see joy sitting on the other side of the heart that surrounds the mother tree chatting with someone.

After some chatting she says she will manage the remembrance wall, and asks for the two crystal skulls, looking me in the eye, “I’ll handle this, I think it’s a bit much for you.” I heartily agreed, just looking towards that wall felt like my chest was pressing in on itself. I didn’t want to get closer. … and only trees were mentioned before, I was happy to give up the amethyst skulls.

As I handed them over I looked her in the eye and said, “They don’t like to have their eyes covered and they like looking up at the moon.” I got a sly look and she moved on towards the wall.

On the way home, as usual Joy will want to “play the memory game”, and go over the most memorable moments, a back and forth process. I shared my moments and conversations and when I mentioned the the “F” bombing tree she said, “I have know some very sarcastic trees, and some funny, some loving … and these trees will remember you forever, you better believe it.” I looked at her inquiringly. “oh yes, you think elephants have a good memory?, not compared to some trees.”

Also, I made a wrong turn that led to going around the city providing an amazing view of Las Vegas. As we were driving by this view, she asked us to stop and admire it a bit. I was happy to. It is a very beautiful city of light.

Crystal Journey Day 6

She said, “You have done a lot this night, some very good work, … are you willing to do a bit more … I said “yes”

“OK, she said, I would like you to do what you did for the trees, sending healing and love for the whole city, are you willing to try that.”

“Sure” I say, and just sitting there in the drivers seat I get that build of sensation and try to fill and send to the whole city. I can feel it a bit in myself, but as far as feeling it surround the city, … no.  I tried quietly some more and only felt a tightness in my chest. I keep at this for a minute or so.

“What did you notice?” ( a very typical question from Joy)

“I am trying , but it mostly feels like a tightness in my chest”

“Alright, now try again and see if you notice a difference”

I turned back toward the city, beyond and stretched out before me, out the drivers side window.

I did the same thing. And as I started; as I was beginning to send and get the same tightness, Joy had started singing. This is quite common with Joy, and a song or even tone vibration can add much to any meditation or moment. That is what I expected, a slight lift in what I was doing.

This is not what happened.

The energy that started flowing through me was …. (how to put this in words without sounding absurd is not easy, as the only real description is beyond amazing, so here goes)…. This was beyond huge, I was attempting to send love to the entire city, and I felt more than was even necessary for the entire city flowing through me, it was shaking, almost overpowering, flooding the city with that love. I have had some very deep bliss and oneness experiences, and I teach a meditation, free audio at for reaching that bliss. This was even more intense and specific, a flooding of love.

Shortly into this I noticed the song included “Micheal” and “Gabriel” and more, … Angels?

I was so flooded with what I can only call a deeply religious experience, that it was some time before I even realized the flow had subsided I was crying and laughing hysterically with bliss and joy, my inner joy that is, Joy was there and laughing too.

After I finally settled down she says, “You never had to do it all by yourself”.

This started my laughter up again for some time, and it really was a relief, a huge relief somehow. “We always call in help”, she adds.

At one point Joy was laughing about as hard, “you were trying so hard,” more laughing … “I thought you were gonna burst,” more laughing … “You never had to do it all by yourself.” she says.

“We are vessels for divine will. The love doesn’t come from us, it flows through us”

After we settle down a bit she says, “you were granted this boon, for all the hard work you did today, and energy and love you put forth; few have such an experience.”

I asked what it was she was singing, what made it so powerful. “I was summoning the archangels my dear, calling in the big guns.”

She starts repeating the song, and I now I can listen to the words.

Oh God of all the world
To My Right Michael
To My Left Gabriel
Before me Azreal
Behind Rafael
And above my head, below my feet the holy Shekinah!”

It was then that I a started realizing what it was that happened. That I felt the energy of the archangels, the love of god, flowing through me, … into Las Vegas.


I felt the archangels, and I don’t even properly know their names, or even previously held them in my reality. I have proper reverence now I can assure you, and giving proper thanks.

… I felt them. An experience I highly recommend.

It still puts me in a bit of a daze thinking and writing about it. And once you really feel something like this, feel something so powerful and emotional, mystical, and spiritual, it changes you a bit. You can’t un-know or forget that such can be a real experience.

That the archangels can be summoned and share in powerful good work.
Now that’s some important information right there!



Joy’s story of this night is here:

Posted by Joy Phoenix on Saturday, October 7, 2017