Crystal Uses List – Chart

Crystal Uses List – Chart

Crystal Uses List - Chart

Auras & Crystals

An aura is an energy field, a luminous , subtle emanation which surrounds matter. The magnitude, density , and colors of an auric field are relative to it’s “character”, spiritual development, and history.

Aura surrounding a body, can be charged by wearing, carrying, or placing minerals in your environment. Attuning to a mineral helps energize ones aura with the energies, and inherent properties contained within the crystal.

Awakening Crystals

In ancient civilizations tribal ceremonies involved the activation of crystals. Once a year, North American Indians and Native Africans made pilgrimage with their head shaman’s to the ocean to awaken the crystals held by the tribe. At the ocean, the shaman would hit a large rock with the base of the crystal. If it broke, disaster to the world of the shaman, due to the huge amount of energy released.

Crystals have been awakened via:

*Impacting the crystal upon the energized sand of the ocean beaches or sand dunes.

*Sounding a meditative gong in proximity to the crystal, stimulating the resonance of the crystal.

*Gentle sounding of Tibetan prayer bells (or other bells) in proximity to the crystal; aligning the energy to be directed efficiently.

Chakras & Crystals

Chakra Stones Heali

Chakras; translated from Sanskrit as “wheels” of rotating energy, are intersections of vital energy flows present in the ethereal body in relation to locations of the physical body.

There are hundreds of the intersections, which are in direct relation to acupressure / acupuncture points. There are seven (or eight). major chakras associated with the physical body. The health of an area of the physical body, and it’s associated chakra are considered interdependent.


* Place crystal on a large crystal cluster.

* Place the crystal in the center of a circle of crystals pointing to it.

* Place the crystal in sunlight and/or light of the moon. The summer and winter solstices, vernal and autumnal equinox, and the full and new moon are charged more heavenly.

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Cleansing Crystals

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal. These are some more popular techniques.

Start with a dedication.

*If you have the opportunity, take your crystal to the sea, and cleanse it in sea water. Place it in the surf, and let the water wash over it, while allowing the sun to energize it.

*Smudge your crystal. Sweet-grass, ceder, and sage incense have been used for centuries by Native American and Native African cultures.

*Soak your crystal in sea salt for 7- 24 hours, rinse with pure water, and place it in the sun to energize.

*Place your crystal on or near citrine points or clusters.

*Surround your crystal with a visualized white or golden light, intending any negativity to be transformed to positive light energy while maintaining concentration.

*Move a tape de-magnetizer up and down the length of the crystal, removing negative essences.

*Cleanse the crystal in flowers (Ex. rose petals, orange blossoms, honeysuckle, etc.) for twenty – four hours. This strips away negativity, cleanses, and leaves the purity and energy of the flowers in the crystal.

*Submerge the crystal in flowing spring, river, lake, or tap water and energize in the sun. (Water is a universal cleanser, for all matter.)

*Place the crystal in brown rice for twenty – four hours. The rice removes and transforms the negative energy to positive, while balancing and centering the energy. The rice is purified and energized and is delicious!


When you receive a “new” crystal, a dedication is always recommended. This is done simply by holding the crystal while consciously willing that the crystal be used in love and light and higher good.


Drop a quartz crystal into a jug of water overnight. You can use distilled water, Volvic Water (available in Europe) or filtered water. For everyday use place a quartz crystal into the bottom of a filter jug. This method requires no effort and charges the water making it both cleansing and energizing. To help clear the body of toxicity drink a glass of crystallized water every morning when you wake up.

Use this reference site to find the specific properties of other crystals or gems properties that would benefit you most. Place it in your water jug overnight as described above. Gem elixirs can also be prepared in a manner very similar to flower essences.


One method of eliminating dis-ease and related pain is holding a crystal in the hand located on the same side as the pain, while holding the other hand directly over the painful area. Remain in this position until the pain begins to diminishes (usually about 30 minutes). This technique is not recommended for cancers or headaches. For Headaches place the crystal point in the had of preference pointing skyward with the hand resting on the solar plexus or navel chakra. Place the other hand on the headache. Allow at least 30 minutes.

My experience in crystal healing is to simply hold the crystal in the right hand (sending) and picture the perfect outcome, or being of joy after the event, simply picture what is desired, or the “feeling” of its success. The level of emotion behind your vision will determine how well it is programmed. It only takes a moment; picture it with feeling and then have the receiver (or self) hold the crystal in the left hand (receiving) and keep it close, preferably against the skin.

Meditating With Crystals


Pre – Programming Crystals

prior to programing a crystal:

* Program your crystal to receive the Divine will and that the results reflect the good of all.

* Program the crystal for protection in the light.


Programming Crystals

* Hold the crystal in your less dominant hand or both hands and gaze into it.

* Ask for guidance, protection, and assistance in the programming process.

* Allow receptivity to flow through to the inner being.

* Start breathing with slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. The tip of your tongue lightly touching just being your upper teeth. Initiate circular breathing, and center your consciousness.

* Always be open to higher assistance.

* Concentrate on the visualization, images and emotions of what you want to program into the crystal.

* As you inhale see a visual image of what you want fulfilled; imagine how it feels to have it; and repeat an affirmation to yourself.

* With each exhale send your desire into the crystal combining the energy of your thoughts, images, and feelings, and put that magnetic charge into your crystal.

* Direct the energy field into the crystal for 30 – 60 seconds to allow transfer. Intuitive recognition will signal when done.

* A formulated phrase can be repeated 20 – 30 times while visualizing the desired effect. As the phrase is repeated an energy field will build and culminate.

Once you can visualize what you want without doubt or disbelief, your intention is programmed into the crystal. This vibration is stored there until you replace it.

Written Affirmations are used by placing a crystal on the written note and leaving it there.

Charging crystals with your intentions, or programming is a partnership in creation. Like life, it is a circle.

Thought vibrates at higher rate of speed. Matter vibrates at a slower resonance. Human energy patterns tend to be as erratic as our thoughts. Crystals have an orderly symmetrical molecular structure. They radiate, store and transmit energy in a consistent and steady manner. These properties, make them the workhorses within processors; from computers, to your key-chain car alarm remote. The energy manipulated in our machinery is easily measured. The energies of life, emotion, thought, and prayer are not…….Yet.

The orderly structure of crystals in your environment help to induce mental quiet, and less erratic thoughts. Persons who have found it difficult to focus when meditating that crystals are useful.

This manipulation of energy patterns allows us to use crystals to help realize our dreams. A crystal is programmed with intentions, affirmations, and prayers.

Quartz crystals are most commonly used.

Citrine is used for abundance.

Rose quartz is used for love.

Aquamarine or turquoise is used for creativity.

Aventurine for physical health.


If you wish to send someone your prayers and good wishes, crystals enhance this process. Visualize your wishes into the crystal to be released into the universe, and forces of the cosmos.

* Make sure you only project positive energy. What you send out comes back magnified. This is universal law. So be careful!


Minerals have been used for eons as amulets and talisman.

The crystal is programmed for protection usually with the visualization of a white light or “bubble” around the environment of the crystal. This method can be used to protect yourself, … work environments.


Tuning Charging


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