Day 15 – Las Vegas Renaissance Fair – Enchanted Forest Tree

Our Crystal Journey Day 15

Amethyst Skulls – Las Vegas Renaissance Fair – Enchanted Forest Tree Blessings

October 13, 2017

My girlfriend Penelope Pendragon is a huge part of the Las Vegas Renaissance festival and she is in charge of the “Enchanted Forest”. Her WISH wagon is the main attraction at the Enchanted forest and she sets up a truly magical space in a lovely grove of trees within Sunset Park. We were there on Thursday setting up and at one point Joy grabs the skulls we used at the memorial park (see day 6) and hands me the amethyst skulls. I immediately acquiesced and we went about blessing the trees. I didn’t get all that much in communication, just me feeling loving energy and picturing it towards the trees.

Enchanted Forest Las Vegas

That was until I reached the tree that was right up against the Wish Wagon.

Now that wagon gets a lot of visitors, and it has Faery habitats, and a wishing portal and it is very magical. People come out of that wagon enchanted, even changed. The energy around it is always amazing.

This was to be the third year her Wagon was to be parked literally against that tree. I got what I can best describe as an overwhelming flush of emotion of the pleasure and joy of being there and anticipation of being in that energy. The whole grove was to share, but this tree was shading the main emotionally charged area.

It was a very strong emotion and It wasn’t mine in origination, I was just having an open mind and felt that communication.


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