Geode Meaning

Geode Meaning
Geode Meaning

Astrological Sign of Virgo

GEODE is recognized , usually, a spherical configuration which contains a cavity lined with a crystalline structure growing toward the center. It is configured in the form of a closed shell, usually containing quartz, amethyst, citrine, or calcite, and partially filled with crystals projecting into the hollow interior; it is separated from the usual limestone or “mud” matrix by a film of clay, Some of the crystals described in this book are found in geodes.

The geode structure itself exhibits several properties in addition to the properties of the contained minerals. These properties include facilitation of astral travel, and assistance in the pursuits of mathematics.

The geode also allows one to both recognize and analyze the total picture prior to decision-making. it allows one the freedom to mold and to shape ones own future, and assists one in attaining highly effective communication skills. It furthers ones connection to the higher forces and the higher planes, stimulating the bridge of association with those of like pursuits.

It can also be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the hands, lungs, and nervous system. The “brain geode” which is found with a conglomerate on the exterior of the geode, has also been used in the treatment of brain tumors and mental imbalances.

Vibrates to the number 9

Chakra Activated (Depends of Crystal Within)

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